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CYR, CLAUDE       Married 1942       VIOLETTE, MILDRED
CYR, CLAUDETTE       Married 1962       BUTT, JOHN
CYR, CLAUDETTE       Married 1992       COUTURE, STEVEN
CYR, CLAUDETTE       Married 1964       DAIGLE, CAMILLE
CYR, CLAUDETTE       Married 1979       DAIGNEAULT, JOSEPH
CYR, CLAUDETTE       Married 1989       DAIGNEAULT, JOSEPH
CYR, CLAUDETTE       Married 1959       GAGNON, ELBRIDGE
CYR, CLAUDETTE       Married 1959       MONN, CARROLL
CYR, CLAUDETTE       Married 1957       NADEAU, MAURICE
CYR, CLAUDETTE       Married 1996       STORMANN, ROBERT
CYR, CLAUDETTE       Married 1964       THERIAULT, RAPHAEL
CYR, CLAUDIA       Married 1949       DUFOUR, THOMAS
CYR, CLAUDIA       Married 1906       PEPPIN, GUSTAVE
CYR, CLAUDIA       Married 1906       PEPPIN, GUSTAVO
CYR, CLAYTON       Married 1970       ST AMAND, PATRICIA
CYR, CLEMENT       Married 1922       GAGNON, MARIE
CYR, CLEMENT       Married 1872       GRONDIN, CLEMENTINE
CYR, CLEMENT       Married 1827       LEVESQUE, EUPHROSINE
CYR, CLEMENT       Married 1855       MICHAUD, ELIZABETH
CYR, CLEMENT       Married 1866       THIBODEAU, SOPHIE
CYR, CLEMENT       Married 1859       VIOLETTE, SOPHIE
CYR, CLEMENTINE       Married 1881       MARTIN, FLORENT
CYR, CLEOPHAS       Married 1884       RAYMOND, MELVINA

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