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CYR, CLARENCE       Married 1934       MARQUIS, MATTIE
CYR, CLARENCE       Married 1942       PAGE, ANNETTE
CYR, CLARENCE       Married 1951       PLOURDE, CECILE
CYR, CLARENCE       Married 1946       SANSONE, LOUISE
CYR, CLARENCE       Married 1948       SMITH, JOAN
CYR, CLARENCE       Married 1953       ST, PIERRE
CYR, CLARIANNE       Married 1921       MORNEAU, THADDÉE
CYR, CLARIANNE       Married 1921       MORNEAULT, THADDEE
CYR, CLARIDA       Married 1919       GUINDON, NOÉ
CYR, CLARISSE       Married 1857       DAIGLE, OMER
CYR, CLARISSE       Married 1940       GRAVEAU, HENRY
CYR, CLAUDA       Married 1934       PELLETIER, RAOUL
CYR, CLAUDE       Married 1941       CLOUTIER, JULIETTE
CYR, CLAUDE       Married 1991       DUBAY, PATRICA
CYR, CLAUDE       Married 1946       DULAC, CLAIRE
CYR, CLAUDE       Married 1956       HAY, MARILYN
CYR, CLAUDE       Married 1934       HEBERT, GERMAINE
CYR, CLAUDE       Married 1947       PLOURDE, NELIDA
CYR, CLAUDE       Married 1950       POIRIER, RACHEL
CYR, CLAUDE       Married 1923       RAND, ALICE
CYR, CLAUDE       Married 1939       SIROIS, LILLIAN
CYR, CLAUDE       Married 1941       THERIAULT, CCILE
CYR, CLAUDE       Married 1941       THERIAULT, CÉCILE
CYR, CLAUDE       Married 1926       VIOLETTE, EDNA

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