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CYR, CLAIRE       Married 1952       DESCOTEAUX, OSCAR
CYR, CLAIRE       Married 1962       GIRARD, JOSEPH
CYR, CLAIRE       Married 1940       LARKIN, CHARLES
CYR, CLAIRE       Married 1988       MOREAULT, DENIS
CYR, CLAIRE       Married 1964       PELLETIER, PHILIP
CYR, CLAIRE       Married 1946       SALLEY, WALTER
CYR, CLAIRE       Married 1909       SOUCY, GUILLAUME
CYR, CLAIRE_IDA       Married 1934       SHERIDAN, PHILIPPE
CYR, CLARA       Married 1897       BLAIR, JOSEPH
CYR, CLARA       Married 1908       CRONKITE, GEORGE
CYR, CLARA       Married 1919       DECHENE, GEORGE
CYR, CLARA       Married 1919       DESCHENES, GEORGES
CYR, CLARA       Married 1922       DOWNING, L      
CYR, CLARA       Married 1962       HOKINSON, NEIL
CYR, CLARA       Married 1988       JACKSON, JOSEPH
CYR, CLARA       Married 1912       LEVASSEUR, JOSEPH
CYR, CLARA       Married 1927       LEVESQUE, GEORGE
CYR, CLARA       Married 1907       MARCHAND, DONAHUE
CYR, CLARE       Married 1983       STEIN, ERNEST
CYR, CLARENCE       Married 1941       ANDREWS, KATHERINE
CYR, CLARENCE       Married 1929       DESJARDINS, IRENE
CYR, CLARENCE       Married 1948       GAGNON, CECILE
CYR, CLARENCE       Married 1944       LAPOINT, RITA
CYR, CLARENCE       Married 1951       MADORE, ROSALIE

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