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CYR, CHARLOTTE       Married 1814       GRENIER, RAYMOND
CYR, CHARLOTTE       Married 1803       MARTIN, JEAN
CYR, CHARLOTTE       Married 1951       NYE, JR      
CYR, CHARLOTTE       Married 1800       PAQUET, PIERRE
CYR, CHARLOTTE       Married 1960       STEVENS, HOWARD
CYR, CHARLOTTE       Married 1761       VESINAT, PIERRE
CYR, CHARLOTTE       Married 1761       VÉZINA, PIERRE
CYR, CHARMAINE       Married 1986       MCCRARY, DARRELL
CYR, CHERI       Married 1995       ASHLAND, MATTHEW
CYR, CHERI       Married 2000       GOULET, MICHAEL
CYR, CHERYL       Married 1993       KERESEY, BRIAN
CYR, CHERYL       Married 1990       TART, PAUL      
CYR, CHESTER       Married 1986       CAMPBELL, SUSAN
CYR, CHRISTIE       Married 1889       DOUCETTE, FRANCIS
CYR, CHRISTIE       Married 1871       LEVESQUE, EUSEBE
CYR, CHRISTIE       Married 1904       PARENT, LEONARD
CYR, CHRISTIE       Married 1862       SIROIS, MAXIME
CYR, CHRISTINA       Married 1996       SAVOY, TIMOTHY
CYR, CHRISTINE       Married 1846       BINET, JEAN
CYR, CHRISTINE       Married 1897       CLAVETTE, MAGLOIRE
CYR, CHRISTINE       Married 1868       CYR, BENOIT
CYR, CHRISTINE       Married 1843       CYR, ELOI
CYR, CHRISTINE       Married 1843       CYR, ÉLOI

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