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CYR, HIPPOLYTE       Married 1878       CYR, EUPHEMIE
CYR, HIPPOLYTE       Married 1850       CYR, FLAVIE
CYR, HIPPOLYTE       Married 1856       CYR, FLAVIE
CYR, HIPPOLYTE       Married 1862       OUELLETTE, MARIE
CYR, HIPPOLYTE       Married 1927       ST JORRE, CLAUDIA
CYR, HOLLY       Married 1997       ANDERSON, NATHAN
CYR, HOMER       Married 1954       BUCKLEY, AUDREY
CYR, HOMER       Married 1925       CANNEY, LOLA
CYR, HOMER       Married 1954       HEMPEN, AUDREY
CYR, HOMER       Married 1959       STEARNS, ALICE
CYR, HOMERINE       Married 1951       VIOLETTE, ALFRED
CYR, HONOR       Married 1745       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYR, HONORE       Married 1890       ALBERT, JOSEPHINE
CYR, HONORE       Married 1867       ALBERT, MONIQUE
CYR, HONORE       Married 1841       BLAIS, APPOLINE
CYR, HONORE       Married 1825       BOURGOIN, ANASTASIE
CYR, HONORE       Married 1825       BOURGOUIN, ANASTASIE
CYR, HONORE       Married 1825       BOURGUOIN, ANASTASIE
CYR, HONORE       Married 1885       BOURGUOIN, GENEVIEVE
CYR, HONORE       Married 1862       CORMIER, CHRISTINE
CYR, HONORE       Married 1909       DAIGLE, ALPHONSINE
CYR, HONORE       Married 1882       DAIGLE, ELISE
CYR, HONORE       Married 1865       DAIGLE, MARGUERITE
CYR, HONORE       Married 1863       DESCHENES, ELODIE

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