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CYR, IRINE       Married 1947       HARRIS, DOUGLASS
CYR, IRIS       Married 1954       VIGUE, KENNETH
CYR, IRMA       Married 1954       CARRIER, ROSAIRE
CYR, IRVIN       Married 1956       ALBERT, RACHEL
CYR, IRÈNE DORIA       Married 1948       CYR, SYLVAIN
CYR, IRÈNE DORIA       Married 1929       FOURNIER, ARMAND
CYR, IRÉNÉE       Married 1944       BOUCHARD, LUCIENNE
CYR, IRÉNÉE       Married 1930       LAVOIE, CLOTHILDE
CYR, IRÉNÉE       Married 1919       NOLAN, AGNES
CYR, IRÉNÉE       Married 1900       PINETTE, ELODIE
CYR, ISAAC       Married 1904       LACELLE, PHILOMENE
CYR, ISAAC       Married 1910       OUELLETTE, CLARA
CYR, ISAAC       Married 1859       PORLIER, CHRISTINE
CYR, ISABELLE       Married 1927       CARON, DOCITE
CYR, ISABELLE       Married 1934       CYR, ONEIL
CYR, ISABELLE       Married 1935       CYR, ORRIL
CYR, ISABELLE       Married 1812       DANDURAND, FRANCOIS
CYR, ISABELLE       Married 1812       DANDURAND, FRANÇOIS
CYR, ISABELLE       Married 1824       DUTAUT, JOSEPH
CYR, ISABELLE       Married 1935       HEBERT, HENRY
CYR, ISABELLE       Married 1789       HUBERT, ANTOINE
CYR, ISABELLE       Married 1832       LANDRY, LUC
CYR, ISAIE       Married 1931       BAUVELLE, EMELY
CYR, ISAIE       Married 1860       BOURGOIN, MARGUERITE

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