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CYR, GUY       Married 1942       CURLESS, CECILE
CYR, GUY       Married 1922       CYR, ANASTASIE
CYR, GUY       Married 1909       CYR, ELEONORE      
CYR, GUY       Married 1909       CYR, EL√ČONORE
CYR, GUY       Married 1922       DAIGLE, ANASTASIA
CYR, GUY       Married 1931       GRANT, VERA      
CYR, GUY       Married 1953       LABRASSEUR, BERNADETTE
CYR, GUY       Married 1947       MICHAUD, OLIVA
CYR, H       Married 1935       FOSTER, MYRA       in
CYR, H       Married 1935       GRAVELLE, MYRA      
CYR, HAROLD       Married 1923       DOUCETTE, EXILIA
CYR, HAROLD       Married 1992       ST, JARRE      
CYR, HARRIET       Married 1927       BARTER, RUSSELL
CYR, HARRIET       Married 1946       KING, HARRY
CYR, HARRIETTE       Married 1927       BARTER, RUSSELL
CYR, HARRY       Married 1922       MATHERS, CATHERINE
CYR, HARVEY       Married 1935       ARSENAULT, MARY
CYR, HARVEY       Married 1946       COTE, ALVINA
CYR, HATTIE       Married 1892       REGNIER, EMILE
CYR, HEATHER       Married 1992       OWEN, BENJAMIN
CYR, HECTOR       Married 1937       AYOTTE, JOAN
CYR, HECTOR       Married 1924       BARON, YVONNE
CYR, HECTOR       Married 1936       CLAVETTE, MARTHA

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