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CYR, HENRY       Married 1949       WYNNE, LOUISE
CYR, HERBERT       Married 1920       BOLDUC, CLARE
CYR, HERBERT       Married 1924       GOWER, ANNIE
CYR, HERBERT       Married 1956       MARTIN, JACQUELINE
CYR, HERBERT       Married 1940       OREGAN, FLORENCE
CYR, HERBERT       Married 1944       OUELLETTE, DOROTHY
CYR, HERBERT       Married 1924       PERKINS, ANNIE
CYR, HERLINDA       Married 1990       CYR, GASTON
CYR, HERMAN       Married 1993       ALBERT, JACQUELINE
CYR, HERMAN       Married 1983       CHASSE, RACHEL
CYR, HERMAN       Married 1979       COLLINS, TESSIA
CYR, HERMAN       Married 1937       GUIMOND, DOROTHY
CYR, HERMEL       Married 1959       TWIST, RUTHELLEN
CYR, HERMENEGILDE       Married 1856       POIRIER, MARIE
CYR, HERMINE       Married 1866       CHAYER, FELIX
CYR, HERMINE       Married 1895       PERRON, ALFRED
CYR, HERMINIE       Married 1921       BERGERON, HENRY
CYR, HERMYLE       Married 1937       MARTIN, ANNETTE
CYR, HERVE       Married 1913       GALIPEAU, EUGENIE
CYR, HESSIE       Married 1955       LEGERE, JOSEPH
CYR, HESSIE       Married 1906       MICHAUD, ALPHONSE
CYR, HILAIRE       Married 1878       BELLEFLEUR, SOPHIE
CYR, HILAIRE       Married 1908       BOUCHARD, ELEONORE
CYR, HILAIRE       Married 1908       BOUCHARD, ELÉONORE

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