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CYR, GORDON       Married 1935       GRANDBOIS, EMMA
CYR, GORDON       Married 1992       WEBB, JEWEL
CYR, GRACE       Married 1936       GAGNE, GEORGE
CYR, GRACE       Married 1961       JOLIN, JOSEPH
CYR, GRACE       Married 1935       RODRIGUE, LUCIEN
CYR, GRATIEN       Married 1815       BOURGEOIS, APPOLINE
CYR, GRAZIELLA       Married 1917       HETU, ANTOINE
CYR, GRAZIELLA       Married 1917       HETU, JOSEPH
CYR, GREGOIRE       Married 1848       LEBLANC, MARIE
CYR, GREGOIRE       Married 1848       LEBLANC, MARIE LOUISE
CYR, GREGORY       Married 1980       BELL, SANDRA
CYR, GREGORY       Married 1987       DUBAY, KATHIE
CYR, GREGORY       Married 1981       OUELLETTE, GILDA
CYR, GREGORY       Married 1983       VIOLETTE, GINA
CYR, GRETA       Married 1954       BRADLEY, JOHN
CYR, GRETCHEN       Married 1990       REYNOLDS, MICHAEL
CYR, GUILAUME       Married 1708       BOURG, MARGUERITE
CYR, GUILDO       Married 1978       LAJOIE, SANDRA
CYR, GUILLAIME       Married 1905       DAIGLE, ALICE
CYR, GUILLAUME       Married 1886       AUBUT, SOPHIE
CYR, GUILLAUME       Married 1707       B0URG, MARGUERITE
CYR, GUILLAUME       Married 1706       BOURG, M MARGUERITE
CYR, GUILLAUME       Married 1708       BOURG, MARG
CYR, GUILLAUME       Married 1740       BOURG, MARGARET

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