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CYR, HELENE       Married 1899       LAPLANTE MADORE, SIMEON
CYR, HELENE       Married 1936       LAVOIE, WILFRID
CYR, HELENE       Married 1882       MOREAU, PIERRE
CYR, HELENE       Married 1907       PARENT, JOHN
CYR, HELENE       Married 1893       PARENT, JOSEPH
CYR, HELENE       Married 1867       REAUME, ISIDORE
CYR, HELENE       Married 1917       ROY, JOSEPH
CYR, HELLEN       Married 1904       FOURNIER, CHARLES
CYR, HELLEN       Married 1905       STUBBS, HOWARD
CYR, HENRI       Married 1899       AUMOND HOMAN, EXILDA
CYR, HENRI       Married 1945       BRISSON, GISELLE
CYR, HENRI       Married 1926       BRULOTTE, ROSE
CYR, HENRI       Married 1802       COUPAL, MARIE
CYR, HENRI       Married 1926       LEVESQUE, CLARISSE
CYR, HENRI       Married 1939       LEVESQUE, JEANNE
CYR, HENRI       Married 1820       LIZOTTE, URSULE
CYR, HENRI       Married 1941       MARQUIS, LOTTIE
CYR, HENRI       Married 1976       MICHAUD, RITA
CYR, HENRI       Married 1848       THIVIERGE, EMILIE
CYR, HENRI       Married 1842       THIVIERGE, ÉMILIE
CYR, HENRI       Married 1848       THIVIERGE, ÉMILIE
CYR, HENRIE       Married 1939       LEVESQUE, JEANNE
CYR, HENRIETTE       Married 1872       HOULE, BARTHELEMY

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