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CYR, GERTRUDE       Married 1927       LIZOTTE, LEONARD
CYR, GERTRUDE       Married 1905       NADEAU, LOUIS
CYR, GERTRUDE       Married 1948       OUELLETTE, ROBERT
CYR, GERTRUDE       Married 1917       OUELLETTE, WILLIE
CYR, GERTRUDE       Married 1917       OUELLETTE, WILLY
CYR, GERTRUDE       Married 1956       PELLETIER, GEORGE
CYR, GERTRUDE       Married 1929       POWERS, JOHN
CYR, GERTRUDE       Married 1933       VOISINE, ANTOINE
CYR, GERVAIS       Married 1770       DUFRESNE, JUDITH
CYR, GERVAIS       Married 1770       DUFRESNE, MARIE
CYR, GETRUDE       Married 1929       SCHEU, KENNETH
CYR, GILBERT       Married 1939       BEAULIEU, MERILDA
CYR, GILBERT       Married 1953       BOSSE, THERESA
CYR, GILBERT       Married 1831       CRONIER, ANGELIQUE
CYR, GILBERT       Married 1961       DAIGLE, ANAIS
CYR, GILBERT       Married 1961       GAGNON, RUTH
CYR, GILBERT       Married 1947       LANDRY, THERESE
CYR, GILBERT       Married 1946       LEVESQUE, ELSIE
CYR, GILBERT       Married 1949       MADORE, HOMERINE
CYR, GILBERT       Married 1941       PELLETIER, VIVIANE
CYR, GILBERT       Married 1945       PICARD, BERTHA
CYR, GILETTE       Married 1824       LEBLANC, EDOUARD
CYR, GILMAN       Married 1950       BELANGER, LILLIAN
CYR, GILMAN       Married 1956       DIONNE, BERNADETTE

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