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CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1919       GERVAIS, MARIE
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1851       GODBOUT, ELOISE
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1856       LAPOINTE, LYDIA
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1899       LYNCH, EMMA
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1881       MARTIN, FLAVIE
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1837       MERCURE, SUZANNE
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1905       PARENT, ZITHE
CYR, FREDERICK       Married 1962       CYR, BARBARA
CYR, FREDERICK       Married 1859       CYR, FLAVIE
CYR, FREDERICK       Married 1962       FENLASON, BARBARA
CYR, FREDERICK       Married 1958       SMITH, ANNA
CYR, FREDRICK       Married 1918       THERIAULT, EMILY
CYR, FREEMAN       Married 1953       GOLDER, LOIS
CYR, FREEMAN       Married 1990       SMITH, MCARTHUR
CYR, FRESILDA       Married 1910       ROY, ZEPHERIN
CYR, FRÉDERIC       Married 1881       MARTIN, FLAVIE
CYR, FRÉDÉRIC       Married 1904       CAVANAUGH, MARIE
CYR, FRÉDÉRIC       Married 1899       GERVAIS, EUPHÉLINE
CYR, FRÉDÉRIC       Married 1837       MERCURE, SUZANNE
CYR, FÉBRONIE       Married 1875       CYR, VITAL
CYR, FÉBRONIE       Married 1893       NADEAU, THÉODULE
CYR, FÉLICITÉ       Married 1809       HÉBERT, JOSEPH
CYR, FÉLICITÉ       Married 1773       ROBICHAUD, JEAN

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