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CYR, GARY       Married 1987       DUBOIS, MICHELLE
CYR, GARY       Married 1989       DUPLESSIS, DEBRA
CYR, GARY       Married 1986       HATCH, TERRY      
CYR, GARY       Married 1989       REED, ROBIN      
CYR, GARY       Married 1982       ROLLINS, SHELLEY
CYR, GARY       Married 1983       WINTERS, MICHELLE
CYR, GASTON       Married 1998       ARCHULETA, OLIMPIA
CYR, GASTON       Married 1990       CYR, HERLINDA
CYR, GASTON       Married 1990       DELUNA, HERLINDA
CYR, GAÉTAN       Married 1942       LASNIER, CÉCILE
CYR, GEALD       Married 1963       FITZGERALD, PATRICIA
CYR, GENA       Married 1982       KING, THOMAS      
CYR, GENA       Married 1987       KING, THOMAS      
CYR, GENA       Married 1907       LEVESQUE, THOMAS
CYR, GENEVA       Married 1953       GUERRETTE, HERMAN
CYR, GENEVIEVE       Married 1879       CYR, HORACE
CYR, GENEVIEVE       Married 1950       CYR, LOUIS
CYR, GENEVIEVE       Married 1784       GUESTIER, FRANCOIS
CYR, GENEVIEVE       Married 1902       LEBLANC, EUSEBE
CYR, GENEVIEVE       Married 1880       MARTIN, BASILE
CYR, GENEVIEVE       Married 1885       MARTIN, BASILE
CYR, GENEVIEVE       Married 1773       MICHEL, MATHURIN
CYR, GENEVIEVE       Married 1894       MOREAU, MAXIME
CYR, GENEVIEVE       Married 1788       NOLET, LAURENT

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