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CYNAETHWY, LILIAN       Married 1280       RHYS, FOEL
CYNAM, GRUFFYDD       Married 1073       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYNAMON, HARRY       Married 1986       CALVELLI, DONNA
CYNAMON, SILVIA       Married 2000       ROSENTAL, ANDRE
CYNAN, AFANDREG       Married 0599       IAGO, CADFAN
CYNAN, AFANDREG       Married 0615       LAGO, CADFAN
CYNAN, BLEDDYN       Married 1044       CYNILLIN, HAER
CYNAN, CADVAN       Married 0218       LLEWFER, GLADYS
CYNAN, CADWALADR       Married 0001       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYNAN, CONAN       Married 0759       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYNAN, EDNOWAIN       Married 1010       LLUDDICA, GWERFYL
CYNAN, EDNOWAIN       Married 1016       LLUDDICA, GWERFYL
CYNAN, EDNOWAIN       Married 1015       LLYDOCCA, GWERFYL
CYNAN, EDNOWAIN       Married 1020       LLYDOCCA, GWERFYL
CYNAN, EDNYWAIN       Married 1018       LLUDDICA, GWERFUL
CYNAN, ELGAN       Married 0925       CYNAN, ELGAN
CYNAN, ELGAN       Married 0925       CYNANA, ELGAN
CYNAN, ELGAN       Married 0930       CYNANA, ELGAN
CYNAN, ELISE       Married 0651       CADWALADER, DAFFYD
CYNAN, ESSYIT       Married 0770       ELIDYR, GWRIAD
CYNAN, ESSYLLT       Married 0798       GWIARD, MERFYN
CYNAN, ESSYLT       Married 0775       ELIDYR, GWRAID
CYNAN, ESSYLT       Married 0770       ELIDYR, GWRIAD

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