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CYR, FRED       Married 1911       MICHAUD, ROSE
CYR, FRED       Married 1911       MORENCY, MARIE
CYR, FRED       Married 1897       NADEAU, FLAVIE
CYR, FRED       Married 1905       OUELLETTE, EDITH
CYR, FRED       Married 1905       POITRAS, ALICE
CYR, FRED       Married 1928       ST, JEAN       in
CYR, FRED       Married 1902       TARDY, LENA      
CYR, FRED       Married 1918       THERIAULT, EMELIE
CYR, FRED       Married 1905       THERIAULT, EMMA
CYR, FRED       Married 1918       THERRIAULT, MILLIE
CYR, FRED       Married 1916       THIBODEAU, ROSE
CYR, FRED       Married 1908       THIBODEAU, SUSAN
CYR, FRED       Married 1895       UNKNOWN, EUNICE
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1859       CYR, FLAVIE
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1905       FLAGEOLE, AURORE
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1895       FURY, EUNICE
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1899       GERVAIS, EUPHELINE
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1919       GERVAIS, MARIE
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1851       GODBOUT, ELOISE
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1856       LAPOINTE, LYDIA
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1899       LYNCH, EMMA
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1881       MARTIN, FLAVIE
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1837       MERCURE, SUZANNE
CYR, FREDERIC       Married 1905       PARENT, ZITHE

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