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CYR, ERNESTINE       Married 1944       PINARD, DOMINIQUE
CYR, ESDRAS       Married 1850       MARCHAND, THARSILE
CYR, ESDRAS       Married 1954       ST AMAND, CARMEN
CYR, ESTELLE       Married 1947       DAIGLE, ALEXANDE
CYR, ESTELLE       Married 1947       DAIGLE, ALEXANDRE
CYR, ESTELLE       Married 1931       LAPOINTE, DONALD
CYR, ESTELLE       Married 1945       MILROY, PITT
CYR, ESTELLE       Married 1932       PICARD, DENIS
CYR, ESTHER       Married 1901       CAMPBELL, WILLIAM
CYR, ESTHER       Married 1925       CARON, THOMAS
CYR, ESTHER       Married 1927       CYR, GEORGE
CYR, ESTHER       Married 1949       GREGOIRE, ARTHUR
CYR, ESTHER       Married 1917       LAVIGNE, J EDOUARD
CYR, ESTHER       Married 1813       MARCOT, PIERRE
CYR, ESTHER       Married 1813       MARCOTTE, PIERRE
CYR, ESTHER       Married 1929       MCCLUSKEY, MICHAEL
CYR, ESTHER       Married 1906       MICHAUD, ALPHONSE
CYR, ESTHER       Married 1962       PETERS, GERALD
CYR, ESTHER       Married 1951       POLIQUIN, JR
CYR, ESTHER       Married 1929       PRATT, CHARLES
CYR, ETHEL       Married 1950       COREY, LEWIS
CYR, ETHEL       Married 1919       MELLIES, ERNEST
CYR, ETHEL       Married 1942       WEATHERHEAD, VERNE

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