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CYR, EMILY       Married 1910       CYR, DENIS      
CYR, EMILY       Married 1945       FOURNIER, FRED
CYR, EMILY       Married 1942       FOURNIER, JOSEPH
CYR, EMILY       Married 1916       GURRETTE, JOSEPH
CYR, EMILY       Married 1957       LABONTE, CLAUDE
CYR, EMILY       Married 1880       MARTIN, JOSEPH
CYR, EMILY       Married 1917       TURNER, MARK
CYR, EMMA       Married 1924       BOULET, EDDIE
CYR, EMMA       Married 1879       CHARETTE, CALIXTE
CYR, EMMA       Married 1911       CORMIER, PAUL
CYR, EMMA       Married 1937       FOURNIER, LUCIEN
CYR, EMMA       Married 1945       LANDRY, ALBERT LUCIEN
CYR, EMMA       Married 1945       LANDRY, LUCIEN
CYR, EMMA       Married 1907       MARQUIS, JOSEPH
CYR, EMMA       Married 1917       MCGRAW, LUDGER
CYR, EMMA       Married 1895       REMILLARD, EUCLYDE
CYR, EMMA       Married 1903       SIROIS, JOHN      
CYR, EMMAGENE       Married 1984       MCDONALD, STEVEN
CYR, EMMANUEL       Married 1979       DIONNE, RENEE
CYR, EMMANUEL       Married 1979       DIONNE, RENÉE
CYR, EMMERANCE       Married 1878       BARON, JEAN BAPTISTE
CYR, EMMILIA       Married 1916       GOULD, TILMON
CYR, EMÉLIA       Married 1913       DAIGLE, EDDY
CYR, EMÉLIA HELENA       Married 1925       SOUCY, LÉONIDE

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