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CYR, EMILE       Married 1930       GAGNON, LEONA
CYR, EMILE       Married 1940       JERVAIS, IDA
CYR, EMILE       Married 1886       LANOUETTE, MARIE LOUISE
CYR, EMILE       Married 1933       LEBELL, HELENE
CYR, EMILE       Married 1923       LEROUX, MARIA
CYR, EMILE       Married 1939       OUELLETTE, LUCILLE
CYR, EMILE       Married 1835       POIRIER, HILAIRE
CYR, EMILE       Married 1915       SIROIS, MARIE
CYR, EMILE       Married 1945       ST, PIERRE      
CYR, EMILE       Married 1945       ST PIERRE, REGINA
CYR, EMILE       Married 1945       ST PIERRE, RÉGINA
CYR, EMILE       Married 1908       URBAN, ROSIE
CYR, EMILIE       Married 1878       BERNARD, ISAAC
CYR, EMILIE       Married 1932       FOURNIER, JOSEPH
CYR, EMILIE       Married 1916       GUERETTE, JOSEPH
CYR, EMILIE       Married 1839       LEBLANC, FIDELE
CYR, EMILIE       Married 1881       MARTIN, BASILE
CYR, EMILIE       Married 1877       MARTIN, JOSEPH
CYR, EMILIE       Married 1835       POIRIER, HILAIRE
CYR, EMILIEN       Married 1949       CARON, RITA
CYR, EMILIEN       Married 1932       CHARLEBOIS, EVA
CYR, EMILIEN       Married 1955       RIVARD, CLAIRE
CYR, EMILIENNE       Married 1946       BEAUDOIN, ALBERT
CYR, EMILY       Married 1940       BERUBE, LUCIEN

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