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CYR, ELPHENA       Married 1936       FRANK, LOUIS
CYR, ELPHÉNA       Married 1936       FRANCK, LOUIS
CYR, ELSA       Married 1868       LAGIMODIERE, DELPHIE
CYR, ELSIE       Married 1931       BONNEAU, OMAR
CYR, ELSIE       Married 1935       DENNIS, NELSON
CYR, ELSIE       Married 1929       KILGORE, MANLEY
CYR, ELSIE       Married 1928       LAGASSE, ERNEST
CYR, ELUDE       Married 1923       BOUCHARD, LUDERINE
CYR, ELVI       Married 1917       MADORE, LUCY      
CYR, ELZEAR       Married 1905       RUEST, MARIE
CYR, ELZEAR       Married 1857       THERIAULT, MODESTE
CYR, ELZEAR       Married 1868       VIOLETTE, ANGELIQUE
CYR, ELZÉAR       Married 1920       BÉLANGER, BERNADETTE
CYR, ELZÉAR       Married 1857       THERIAULT, MODESTE
CYR, ELÉONISE       Married 1887       SMITH, JAMES
CYR, ELÉONORE       Married 1855       BELLE, CLEMENT
CYR, ELÉONORE       Married 1849       CORMIER, LOUIS
CYR, ELÉONORE       Married 1909       CYR, GUY
CYR, ELÉONORE       Married 1868       CYR, JOSEPH
CYR, ELÉONORE       Married 1847       MARTIN, REGIS
CYR, ELÉONORE       Married 1858       POITHIER, NOÉ
CYR, ELÉONORE       Married 1858       POTHIER, PIERRE
CYR, EMELDA       Married 1960       HOLETON, RUELL
CYR, EMELDA       Married 1930       NADEAU, WALLACE

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