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CYR, ELIZABETH       Married 1879       RICHER, JOHN
CYR, ELIZABETH       Married 1963       SCHUG, RAYMOND
CYR, ELIZABETH       Married 1903       ST PIERRE, ADOLPHE
CYR, ELIZABETH       Married 1885       ST PIERRE, JOSEPH
CYR, ELIZABETH       Married 1904       TRUDELL, ARCADE
CYR, ELIZABETH       Married 1885       UNKNOWN, FRANK
CYR, ELIZABETH       Married 1801       VIOLETTE, AUGUSTIN
CYR, ELIZABETH       Married 1803       VIOLETTE, AUGUSTIN
CYR, ELIZABETH       Married 1823       VIOLETTE, AUGUSTIN
CYR, ELIZABETH       Married 1839       VIOLETTE, LAURENT
CYR, ELIZE       Married 1906       DAIGLE, DOCITE
CYR, ELLA       Married 1896       OLMSTEAD, EDWARD
CYR, ELLA       Married 1922       PORTER, FRANK
CYR, ELLA       Married 1927       WHITLEY, ALFRED
CYR, ELLEN       Married 1881       CUSHING, CHARLES
CYR, ELLEN       Married 1900       GREENE, FRED
CYR, ELMA       Married 1919       CRAPP, CHARLES
CYR, ELMER       Married 1957       DUBE, MAXINE
CYR, ELMER       Married 1934       MOORE, ELSIE
CYR, ELMER       Married 1956       ST, PETER      
CYR, ELMER       Married 1948       VOLMAR, RUTH
CYR, ELMIRE       Married 1844       LAROSE, ANTOINE
CYR, ELODIE       Married 1860       ALBERT, DAVID
CYR, ELODIE       Married 1873       CORMIER, FRANCOIS

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