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CYR, ELEONORE       Married 1849       CORMIER, LOUISON
CYR, ELEONORE       Married 1909       CYR, GUY      
CYR, ELEONORE       Married 1868       CYR, JOSEPH
CYR, ELEONORE       Married 1882       GUERETTE, GILBERT
CYR, ELEONORE       Married 1879       LYNCH, WILLIAM
CYR, ELEONORE       Married 1847       MARTIN, REGIS
CYR, ELEONORE       Married 1877       MARTIN, VITAL
CYR, ELEONORE       Married 1877       OUELLETTE, RAYMOND
CYR, ELEONORE       Married 1888       TARDIF, FRANCOIS
CYR, ELEONORE       Married 1866       THIBODEAU, VITAL
CYR, ELEONRE       Married 1877       OUELLET, RAYMOND
CYR, ELI       Married 1910       BOUFFARD, BERNADETTE
CYR, ELIAS       Married 0189       LEGRIS, MARIE
CYR, ELIAS       Married 1902       LEGRIS, MARIE
CYR, ELICE       Married 1907       LEVEQUE, THADDAE
CYR, ELIE       Married 1848       AYOTTE, SOPHIE
CYR, ELIE       Married 1910       BOUFFARD, BERNADETTE
CYR, ELIE       Married 1829       CYR, SUZANNE      
CYR, ELIE       Married 1870       DAIGLE, DELINA
CYR, ELIE       Married 1865       OUELLETTE, PHILOMENE
CYR, ELIE       Married 1850       ROSSIGNOL, MARIE
CYR, ELISA       Married 1909       DUBE, PAUL
CYR, ELISA       Married 1905       DUQUETTE, ZOTIQUE
CYR, ELISA       Married 1918       MARTIN, GEORGES

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