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CYR, EDWARD       Married 1985       MORIN, SANDRA
CYR, EDWARD       Married 1908       POOLER, SELMA
CYR, EDWARD       Married 1889       SENESAC, MARIE
CYR, EDWARD       Married 1889       SENESAC, MARY
CYR, EDWARD       Married 1981       SMALL, SUZANNE
CYR, EDWARD       Married 1946       STEVENS, JENNIE
CYR, EDWARD       Married 1954       VINCENT, JEANNINE
CYR, EDWIDGE       Married 1947       CUNNINGHAM, JR
CYR, EDWIN       Married 1938       MATHIEU, CELINA
CYR, EDWIN       Married 1938       RODERICK, CELINA
CYR, EDWINA       Married 1951       LANDRY, ADRIEN
CYR, EDWINA       Married 1934       THEBEAULT, PATRICK
CYR, EDYTH       Married 1907       POOLER, PHILIP
CYR, EGLANTINE       Married 1941       LAGASSE, ELOI
CYR, EGLINE       Married 1914       LACHANCE, EUDORE
CYR, EILEEN       Married 1955       IWANEJKO, JOSEPH
CYR, ELAINE       Married 1983       BEAULIEU, DAVID
CYR, ELAINE       Married 1960       BERUBE, RAYNALD
CYR, ELAINE       Married 1992       CLARK, ROY      
CYR, ELAINE       Married 1978       LEVASSEUR, PAUL
CYR, ELAINE       Married 1983       MORIN, MARCEL
CYR, ELAINE       Married 1958       PELKEY, ROGER
CYR, ELAINE       Married 1977       PENDEXTER, EDMUND
CYR, ELAINE       Married 1956       PINDAR, KEENAN

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