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CYR, DENISE       Married 1980       CROWELL, WILLIAM
CYR, DENISE       Married 1991       CYR, BRETT
CYR, DENISE       Married 1877       DESCHAMPS, GASPARD
CYR, DENISE       Married 1877       HUNEAULT, GASPARD
CYR, DENISE       Married 1978       LORD, ROBERT
CYR, DENISE       Married 1959       NADON, REJEAN
CYR, DENISE       Married 1944       SYLVAIN, FERNAND
CYR, DENISE       Married 1898       THIBODEAU, XAVIER
CYR, DENISE       Married 1898       THIBODEAUX, XAVIER
CYR, DENISE       Married 1902       TRUDEAU, EDOUARD
CYR, DENNIE       Married 1924       JANDREAU, ALEXINA
CYR, DENNIS       Married 1906       BERNARD, JANE
CYR, DENNIS       Married 1906       DIONNE, JANE
CYR, DENNIS       Married 1906       DIONNE, MARY
CYR, DENNIS       Married 1895       DUMONT, TELESPHORE
CYR, DENNIS       Married 1917       FOURNIER, LIZZIE
CYR, DENNIS       Married 1914       LAJOIE, JOSEPHINE
CYR, DENNIS       Married 1985       NADEAU, LYNNE
CYR, DENNIS       Married 1977       STONE, DIANE
CYR, DENNIS       Married 1915       TRUSTY, RAGINA
CYR, DENNIS       Married 1906       VIOLET, EDITH
CYR, DERIMERE       Married 1908       PARENT, DAMERE
CYR, DESELINE       Married 1962       NOLETTE, NORMAND
CYR, DESIRE       Married 1834       AUDET, FELICITE

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