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CYPRUS, FRANCES       Married 1957       PARK, WILSON
CYPRUS, GERALD       Married 1983       CYPRUS, MIRIAM
CYPRUS, GERALD       Married 1995       FOX, VIVIAN
CYPRUS, GERALD       Married 1988       ROSEN, LECEY
CYPRUS, GERALD       Married 1969       WALKOW, MIRIAM
CYPRUS, GUIDO       Married 1328       DE BOURBON, MARY
CYPRUS, GUY       Married 1291       IBELIN, ECHIVE
CYPRUS, GUY       Married 1345       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYPRUS, HELVIS       Married 1228       LUSIGNAN, RUPIN
CYPRUS, HENRY       Married 1250       ANTIOCH, PLAISANCE
CYPRUS, HENRY       Married 1317       ARAGON, COSTANZA
CYPRUS, HENRY       Married 1317       ARAGÓN, COSTANZA
CYPRUS, HENRY       Married 1249       DE LAMPRON, STEPHANIE
CYPRUS, HENRY       Married 1233       DE MONTFERRAT, ALIX
CYPRUS, HENRY       Married 1319       SICILY, CONSTANIA
CYPRUS, HENRY       Married 1250       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYPRUS, HENRY       Married 1317       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYPRUS, HUGH       Married 1255       D'IBELIN, ISABELLE
CYPRUS, HUGH       Married 1208       DE CHAMPAGNE, ALICE
CYPRUS, HUGH       Married 1318       IBELIN, ALICE
CYPRUS, HUGH       Married 1318       IBELIN, ALIX
CYPRUS, HUGH       Married 1251       IBELIN, ISABEAU
CYPRUS, HUGH       Married 1255       IBELIN, ISABELLA

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