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CYPRIAN, MARIA       Married 1959       CYPRIAN, JOSE
CYPRIAN, MAYOLA       Married 1957       CYPRIAN, DONALD
CYPRIAN, NMOH       Married 1982       HAYES, HELEN
CYPRIAN, OLGA       Married 1985       CYPRIAN, JOE
CYPRIAN, PATRICIA       Married 1970       JAMES, LARRY
CYPRIAN, PATRICIA       Married 1989       SMITH, ALFRED
CYPRIAN, PETER       Married 1993       SAFTLER, CONSTANCE
CYPRIAN, ROBERT       Married 1976       CYPRIAN, GLORIA
CYPRIAN, ROBERT       Married 1982       RIOJAS, SYLVIA
CYPRIAN, ROBERT       Married 1976       WHITE, GLORIA
CYPRIAN, ROGER       Married 1977       CYPRIAN, BRENDA
CYPRIAN, ROGER       Married 1977       NUNN, BRENDA
CYPRIAN, ROGER       Married 2000       OMEY, MONICA
CYPRIAN, ROSE       Married 1987       BARRERA, ARTURO
CYPRIAN, SHEILA       Married 1989       CYPRIAN, FRANK
CYPRIAN, TANAKA       Married 1996       COOPER, TY
CYPRIAN, WEBSTER       Married 1768       HAYDEN, SARAH
CYPRIANA, ANNA       Married 1867       PADDIE, JOHN
CYPRIANA, CORTINZA       Married 1867       PADDIE, JOHN
CYPRIANO, ANNA       Married 1907       FERNANDEZ, MANUEL
CYPRIANO, MANUEL       Married 1770       SILVA, ANA
CYPRIANSDATTER, ANNE       Married 1754       JONSEN, OLE
CYPRIANSDATTER, ANNE       Married 1767       OLSEN, EVEN

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