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CYPRET, MANUAL       Married 1912       JUDD, HARRY
CYPRET, MANUAL       Married 1939       POPLIN, GEORGE
CYPRET, MARGARET       Married 1739       STOUT, PETER
CYPRET, MICHELLE       Married 1985       CYPRET, RANDY
CYPRET, MICHELLE       Married 1991       SHARP, JIMMIE
CYPRET, MODENA       Married 1912       JUDD, ROBERT
CYPRET, NANCY       Married 1817       ALLISON, ALEXANDER
CYPRET, NEENA       Married 1988       CARTER, JERRY
CYPRET, OPAL       Married 1939       STALEY, CURT
CYPRET, RANDY       Married 1978       CYPRET, JANE
CYPRET, RANDY       Married 1985       CYPRET, MICHELLE
CYPRET, RANDY       Married 1985       FINDLEY, MICHELLE
CYPRET, RANDY       Married 1999       SPECTOR, MAUREEN
CYPRET, RUBY       Married 1937       COOK, FLOYD
CYPRET, SIFERT       Married 1817       ALLISON, ALEXANDER
CYPRET, VICTORIA       Married 1932       SIMS, JOHN
CYPRETT, VIRGIA       Married 1901       MELTON, CHARLES
CYPRIAN, ALBERT       Married 1717       DORN, HELENA
CYPRIAN, BRENDA       Married 1977       CYPRIAN, ROGER
CYPRIAN, CARMELA       Married 1955       CYPRIAN, FRANK
CYPRIAN, CYNTHIA       Married 1977       EDWARDS, CLYDE
CYPRIAN, CYNTHIA       Married 1978       ROBLES, RICHARD
CYPRIAN, DIANA       Married 1977       CHAPA, LEE
CYPRIAN, DONALD       Married 1978       CYPRIAN, GLADYS

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