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CYR, CYRIENNE       Married 1908       ROSSIGNOL, FABIEN
CYR, CYRIL       Married 1877       BIRON, LOUISE
CYR, CYRIL       Married 1903       FRANCIS, ROSA
CYR, CYRILE       Married 1904       BELANGER, CARRIE
CYR, CYRILLE       Married 1904       BELANGER, CLARISSE
CYR, CYRILLE       Married 1888       CYR, DELPHINE
CYR, CYRILLE       Married 1912       NADEAU, MARIE
CYR, CYRISTINE       Married 1919       CARON, GILMAN
CYR, CÉCILE       Married 1986       ASSAD, CHARLES
CYR, CÉCILE       Married 1945       BEAUCHEMIN, JOSEPH
CYR, CÉCILE       Married 1963       CARON, ROBERT
CYR, CÉCILE       Married 1945       LAPLANTE, IRENÉE
CYR, CÉCILE       Married 1921       OUELLETTE, DONAT
CYR, CÉCILE       Married 1923       THERRIAULT, EDMOND
CYR, CÉCILE AIMÉE       Married 1939       AUCLAIR, FRÉDÉRIC
CYR, CÉLANIRE       Married 1870       DAIGLE, FERDINAND
CYR, CÉLESTE       Married 1840       GUIMOND, CHARLES
CYR, CÉLINA       Married 1870       CYR, JEAN      
CYR, CÉLINA       Married 1909       CYR, JOSEPH
CYR, CÔME       Married 1878       MARTIN, ÉDITH
CYR, D       Married 1913       COTE, ANT       in
CYR, DALE       Married 1989       WADLEIGH, SANDRA
CYR, DALPHINE       Married 1924       LEVASSEUR, JOHN

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