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CYR, CORINNE       Married 1933       COTE, EARLE
CYR, CORINNE       Married 1941       CYR, JOACHIM
CYR, CORINNE       Married 1946       GOODNESS, BERNARD
CYR, CORINNE       Married 1947       HARDY, WILLIAM
CYR, CORINNE       Married 1911       LAMARCHE, ALBERT
CYR, CORINNE       Married 1936       LEVESQUE, ABEL
CYR, CORINNE       Married 1941       ST, JEAN      
CYR, CORINNE       Married 1941       ST JEAN, LUCIEN
CYR, CORNE       Married 1899       LEVASSEUR, EMILIE
CYR, CORSE       Married 1920       DAIGLE, ODILE
CYR, CRAIG       Married 1980       CLARK, COLLEEN
CYR, CRAIG       Married 1987       CYR, ALANDA
CYR, CRAIG       Married 1981       CYR, KATTRYN
CYR, CRAIG       Married 1981       MCCUE, KATHRYN
CYR, CRAIG       Married 1987       SPOOR, ALANDA
CYR, CREIGHTON       Married 1940       LELAND, ELEANOR
CYR, CRYSTAL       Married 1996       DUMOND, JASON
CYR, CRYSTAL       Married 1943       SPENCER, LEO
CYR, CRYSTAL       Married 1951       TOMPKINS, RAYMOND
CYR, CYNTHIA       Married 1945       CONNALLY, ROBERT
CYR, CYNTHIA       Married 1988       CYR, JEFFERY
CYR, CYNTHIA       Married 1982       JOHNSON, DAVID
CYR, CYNTHIA       Married 1995       LEAVITT, RODNEY

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