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CYR, CONNIE       Married 1981       CYR, STEVEN
CYR, CONNIE       Married 1988       LOWELL, WALTER
CYR, CONR       Married 1918       LESSARD, ALMA
CYR, CONRAD       Married 1959       BOSSE, JEANNE
CYR, CONRAD       Married 1966       BOUCHARD, MARIE
CYR, CONRAD       Married 1962       CARON, BERTHA
CYR, CONRAD       Married 1978       CHAMBERLAND, LOUISE
CYR, CONRAD       Married 1961       LABBE, CLAUDETTE
CYR, CONRAD       Married 1983       LEHOUX, LISA
CYR, CONSTANCE       Married 1949       MOULTON, GERALD
CYR, CONSTANCE       Married 1983       PARE, JOHN
CYR, CONSTANCE       Married 1955       POORE, CLIFTON
CYR, CONSTANCE       Married 1851       ST ONGE, MATHIAS
CYR, CONSTANT       Married 1842       LEBLANC, ANTOINETTE
CYR, CORA       Married 1945       GAGNON, LEVITE
CYR, CORA       Married 1942       NICHOLAS, ROBERT
CYR, CORA       Married 1934       SIROIS, GUY      
CYR, CORA       Married 1959       SIROIS, PHILIP
CYR, CORA       Married 1957       WILLIAMS, DONALD
CYR, CORDELIA       Married 1930       GILBERT, ERNEST
CYR, CORICE       Married 1921       PELLETIER, GEORGINE
CYR, CORINNE       Married 1931       ALBERT, REMIE
CYR, CORINNE       Married 1975       ANDERSON, JOE

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