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CYR, CEVERINE       Married 1909       WHITE, JOSEPH
CYR, CHAD       Married 1994       DOLIBER, AMIE
CYR, CHALES       Married 1856       GAUTHIER, VITALINE
CYR, CHANEL       Married 1948       MASSE, YVETTE
CYR, CHANTAL       Married 1946       CARON, EMILE
CYR, CHARLE       Married 1777       LANGLOIS, GENEVIEVE
CYR, CHARLENE       Married 1985       BREWER, WILLIAM
CYR, CHARLENE       Married 1983       BROWN, MARC
CYR, CHARLENE       Married 1963       COULOMBE, RAYMOND
CYR, CHARLENE       Married 1983       CROCKER, MICHAEL
CYR, CHARLENE       Married 1989       FULLER, ROGER
CYR, CHARLENE       Married 1959       HALL, FREDERICK
CYR, CHARLENE       Married 1993       LAPIERRE, PAUL
CYR, CHARLENE       Married 1960       SOUCY, LOUIS
CYR, CHARLENE       Married 1985       VIENS, YVES
CYR, CHARLES       Married 1855       AUDET, CECILE
CYR, CHARLES       Married 1855       AUDET, CÉCILE
CYR, CHARLES       Married 1983       BARR, PATRICIA
CYR, CHARLES       Married 1868       BOLDUC, ADELINE
CYR, CHARLES       Married 1868       BOLDUC, ADÉLINE
CYR, CHARLES       Married 1948       BOUCHARD, LUCILLE
CYR, CHARLES       Married 1820       BOUDROT, SUZANNE
CYR, CHARLES       Married 1790       BRIAND, ISABELLE
CYR, CHARLES       Married 1784       BROUILLET, CATHERINE

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