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CYR, CECILE       Married 1957       LAUSIER, ROBERT
CYR, CECILE       Married 1938       MARTIN, JOSEPH
CYR, CECILE       Married 1921       OUELLETTE, DONAT
CYR, CECILE       Married 1940       OUELLETTE, SINAI
CYR, CECILE       Married 1928       PLOURDE, ADOLPH
CYR, CECILE       Married 1944       POULIN, BRUNO
CYR, CECILE       Married 1947       RODRIGUE, RODOLPHE
CYR, CECILE       Married 1938       TAGGETTE, HOWARD
CYR, CECILE       Married 1923       THERIAULT, EDMOND
CYR, CECILE       Married 1923       THERIAULT, EDMUND
CYR, CECILE       Married 1923       THERRIAULT, EDMUND
CYR, CECILIA       Married 1959       GUIMOND, ARTHUR
CYR, CECILIA       Married 1879       ROY, PHILIPPE
CYR, CECILLE       Married 1928       GOODALL, ROY
CYR, CELANIRE       Married 1892       CAMIRE, ALFRED
CYR, CELANIRE       Married 1882       GINGRAS, OMER
CYR, CELENA       Married 1899       NADEAU, HENRY
CYR, CELESTE       Married 1998       ALEXANDER, JAMES
CYR, CELESTE       Married 1841       CYR, HILAIRE
CYR, CELESTE       Married 1831       GUIMOND, CHARLES
CYR, CELESTE       Married 1831       GUIMONT, CHARLES
CYR, CELESTE       Married 1813       THIBODEAU, DAVID
CYR, CELESTE       Married 1813       THIBODEAU, JOS DAVID
CYR, CELESTE       Married 1813       THIBODEAU, JOSEPH

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