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CYR, CATHERINE       Married 1945       SIROIS, ALBERT
CYR, CATHERINE       Married 1923       ST ONGE, JOSEPH
CYR, CATHERINE       Married 1923       ST ONGE, NARCISSE
CYR, CATHERINE       Married 1904       THERIAULT, WILLIE
CYR, CATHLEEN       Married 1980       PAQUETTE, DEAN
CYR, CATHY       Married 1989       AMABILE, JOSEPH
CYR, CATHY       Married 1972       CYR, PATRICK
CYR, CCILE       Married 1986       ASSAD, CHARLES
CYR, CCILE       Married 1945       BEAUCHEMIN, JOSEPH
CYR, CCILE       Married 1963       CARON, ROBERT
CYR, CECELIA       Married 1938       WOLVERTON, ALLISON
CYR, CECIL       Married 1919       HANSCOM, WILLIAM
CYR, CECILE       Married 1942       AARON, JOHN
CYR, CECILE       Married 1942       AARONS, JOHN
CYR, CECILE       Married 1921       ALBERT, ARTHUR
CYR, CECILE       Married 1877       BABIN, JOSEPH
CYR, CECILE       Married 1928       BORDEN, WILLIAM
CYR, CECILE       Married 1979       DESHAIES, CHARLES
CYR, CECILE       Married 1937       DESJARDIN, WALTER
CYR, CECILE       Married 1942       DESLANDES, HERVE
CYR, CECILE       Married 1937       DUBOIS, ERIC
CYR, CECILE       Married 1950       FRENCH, EDWARD
CYR, CECILE       Married 1954       GAGNE, RAYMOND
CYR, CECILE       Married 1944       HARMON, BYRON

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