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CYR, CARLENE       Married 1964       DUMOND, JOSEPH
CYR, CARLENE       Married 1960       HERBERT, JOHN
CYR, CARLINE       Married 1962       CYR, LEO      
CYR, CARLINE       Married 1953       MARTIN, BEECHER
CYR, CARLITA       Married 1955       BROWN, ORMAN
CYR, CARLTON       Married 1954       WILCOX, MONA
CYR, CARMEN       Married 1985       BAILEY, RALPH
CYR, CARMEN       Married 1951       DAIGLE, NORMAN
CYR, CARMEN       Married 1937       MARTIN, LUDGER
CYR, CARMEN       Married 1946       OHARA, JOHN
CYR, CARMEN       Married 1953       RIHERD, HUBERT
CYR, CARMENE       Married 1934       MARQUIS, EDGAR
CYR, CAROL       Married 1993       BOYNTON, EDWARD
CYR, CAROL       Married 1981       HINCKLEY, WILLIAM
CYR, CAROL       Married 1947       LIZOTTE, JOSEPH
CYR, CAROL       Married 1986       MODERY, ROBERT
CYR, CAROL       Married 1977       NASON, ELDON
CYR, CAROL       Married 1990       PAGE, STEVEN
CYR, CAROL       Married 1977       PELLETIER, JIMMY
CYR, CAROL       Married 1985       TAYLOR, LANCE
CYR, CAROL       Married 1991       TUTTLE, BRIAN
CYR, CAROLE       Married 1981       BOUTIN, PAUL
CYR, CAROLE       Married 1986       LAFLAMME, YOLAND
CYR, CAROLE       Married 1957       TAMBURO, ALFONZO

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