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CYR, BÉLONI       Married 1913       MARTIN, EDMÉE
CYR, BÉLONI       Married 1868       MARTIN, FLAVIE
CYR, BÉLONI       Married 1910       PIKE, ANNE
CYR, BÉLONI       Married 1922       THÉRIAULT, EUPHÉMIE
CYR, BÉNONI       Married 1841       CYR, MARIE
CYR, BÉNONI       Married 1776       LEBRASSEUR, ELISABETH
CYR, BÉNONI       Married 1828       LIZOTTE, ANASTASIE
CYR, BÉNONI BÉLONI       Married 1911       FOURNIER, ELISE
CYR, BÉNONI LOUIS       Married 1894       FOURNIER, JULIE
CYR, CALEXTINA       Married 1932       WILMOB, ALDEN
CYR, CALIX       Married 1913       CAISSIE, GENEVIEVE
CYR, CALIXTE       Married 1893       MICHAUD, PHELONISE
CYR, CALIXTE       Married 1914       PELLETIER, ROSE
CYR, CAMILLA       Married 1949       CLOUTIER, PAUL
CYR, CAMILLE       Married 1964       DEERING, LYNDA
CYR, CAMILLE       Married 1942       LAJOIE, IDA
CYR, CAMILLE       Married 1856       POIRIER, MARIE
CYR, CANDACE       Married 1994       PELLETIER, THOMAS
CYR, CARICE       Married 1914       PELLETIER, ROSE
CYR, CARISE       Married 1893       MICHAUD, PHILOMINE
CYR, CARL       Married 1965       NILES, MAUREEN
CYR, CARL       Married 1928       VAUGHAN, ANNA
CYR, CARLA       Married 1979       CARMICHAEL, JEFFREY
CYR, CARLA       Married 1971       JONES, JACK      

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