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CYR, BRENDA       Married 1988       PINE, CHARLES
CYR, BRENDA       Married 1978       ST, AMAND      
CYR, BRENT       Married 1980       BURTON, GAYLE
CYR, BRENT       Married 1983       GUILLERAULT, CARMEN
CYR, BRETT       Married 1991       CYR, DENISE
CYR, BRETT       Married 1991       DAY, DENISE      
CYR, BRIAN       Married 1993       ANGERS, CATHY
CYR, BRIAN       Married 1987       DAIGLE, DONNA
CYR, BRIAN       Married 1982       DELONG, SUZANNE
CYR, BRIAN       Married 1986       GIONEST, ROXANE
CYR, BRIAN       Married 1987       LABELLE, SHARON
CYR, BRIAN       Married 1985       MARTIN, KARLA
CYR, BRIAN       Married 1989       OH, IN       in
CYR, BRIAN       Married 1981       PLOURDE, SANDRA
CYR, BRIGETTE       Married 1931       MARTIN, DONAT
CYR, BRIGITTE       Married 1994       HENDRY, MATTHEW
CYR, BRUCE       Married 1994       JUNTHICHAI, KANYA
CYR, BRUNO       Married 1983       CHAMPAGNE, JULIE
CYR, BRUNO       Married 1897       PINETTE, SCHOLASTIQUE
CYR, BRUNO       Married 1882       ST GERMAIN, SOPHIE
CYR, BRYAN       Married 1977       HALEY, JANICE
CYR, BURLEY       Married 1938       RENNER, ELEANOR
CYR, BYRON       Married 1935       FUNK, EVELYN
CYR, BÉLONI       Married 1892       CYR, LAURE

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