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CYR, CAROLE       Married 1981       BOUTIN, PAUL
CYR, CAROLE       Married 1986       LAFLAMME, YOLAND
CYR, CAROLE       Married 1957       TAMBURO, ALFONZO
CYR, CAROLINA       Married 1926       DAIGLE, MAXIME
CYR, CAROLINE       Married 1865       ALBERT, ALEXIS
CYR, CAROLINE       Married 1929       BELANGER, ALIC
CYR, CAROLINE       Married 1949       CORRIVEAU, ALPHONSE
CYR, CAROLINE       Married 1933       DEROSIER, WILLIE
CYR, CAROLINE       Married 1874       NAULT, ANDRE
CYR, CAROLINE       Married 1874       NAULT, ANDRÉ
CYR, CAROLINE       Married 1881       PICARD, GILBERT
CYR, CAROLINE       Married 1870       POULIN, JOSEPH
CYR, CAROLINE       Married 1884       SIROIS, THOMAS
CYR, CAROLINE       Married 1913       VIOLETTE, SEVERIN
CYR, CAROLINE       Married 1929       WHEATON, FRANK
CYR, CAROLYN       Married 1960       EDGECOMB, HUGHIE
CYR, CAROLYN       Married 1992       MILLARD, THOMAS
CYR, CAROLYN       Married 1966       WATSON, NORMAN
CYR, CARRIE       Married 1982       LHEUREUX, DANIEL
CYR, CARRIE       Married 1996       TAPLEY, JEFFREY
CYR, CARROLL       Married 1965       HARRIS, LORAINE
CYR, CARROLL       Married 1953       HITCHINGS, DORIS
CYR, CARROLL       Married 1957       MOUNTAIN, LOUISE
CYR, CARY       Married 1983       PARADIS, DEBORAH

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