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CYR, BERNADETTE       Married 1950       PELLETIER, PAUL
CYR, BERNADETTE       Married 1938       POIRIER, LUCIEN
CYR, BERNARD       Married 1953       BEAULIEU, ALINE
CYR, BERNARD       Married 1979       FITZHERBERT, CARYN
CYR, BERNARD       Married 1947       LELAND, JUANITA
CYR, BERNARD       Married 1878       LOUBERT, MARIE
CYR, BERNICE       Married 1942       GOLDRUP, ELMER
CYR, BERNICE       Married 1965       HOLMQUIST, HARVARD
CYR, BERNICE       Married 1945       LACHIOMA, LOUIE
CYR, BERT       Married 1939       CLAWSON, BARBARA
CYR, BERTHA       Married 1943       DAMBOISE, LEWIS
CYR, BERTHA       Married 1929       DUMAIS, ALFRED
CYR, BERTHA       Married 1963       HALL, LAWRENCE
CYR, BERTHA       Married 1922       HEBERT, LEVITE
CYR, BERTHA       Married 1922       HEBERT, LEVITZ
CYR, BERTHA       Married 1909       SAVOIE, JOHN
CYR, BERTHA       Married 1937       TARDIF, RUDOLPH
CYR, BERTHE       Married 1937       CANTARA, PHILIP
CYR, BERTHE       Married 1943       FOURNIER, HECTOR
CYR, BERTHE       Married 1952       LAVOIE, GERMAIN
CYR, BERTRAND       Married 1981       BOUCHER, RINA
CYR, BERTRAND       Married 1947       GUERRETTE, JULIETTE
CYR, BERTRAND       Married 1964       MICHAUD, NANCY

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