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CYR, AUGUSTIN       Married 1792       PAQUET, MARIE LOUISE
CYR, AUGUSTINE       Married 1946       LEVESQUE, EMILIEN
CYR, AUGUSTINE       Married 1824       MICHAUD, MARIE
CYR, AURELE       Married 1966       GAGNE, RACHELLE
CYR, AURELE       Married 1949       LEE, IRENA      
CYR, AURELIE       Married 1898       DESROCHER, JOSEPH
CYR, AURELIE       Married 1854       GEREAUX, FELIX
CYR, AURELIE       Married 1854       GIROUX, FELIX
CYR, AURELIE       Married 1886       LOUBERT, JEAN
CYR, AURELIE       Married 1847       ROY, LOUIS
CYR, AURORE       Married 1955       LACHANCE, EDMOND
CYR, AURORE       Married 1928       LAJOIE, THOMAS
CYR, AURORE       Married 1910       MICHAUD, WILLIAM
CYR, AURORE       Married 1915       SIROIS, FREDERIC
CYR, AZILDA       Married 1920       CYR, LOUIS      
CYR, AZILDA       Married 1873       DUCAS, JOSEPH
CYR, AZILDA       Married 1943       LEVESQUE, RENE
CYR, AZILDA       Married 1906       PAULIN, HENRI
CYR, AZILDA       Married 1885       POIRIER, REGIS
CYR, AZILDA       Married 1898       VINCENT, ESDRAS
CYR, AZILÉA       Married 1896       DESJARDINS, PHILIAS
CYR, BAPTISKE       Married 1899       DIONNE, CERNIRE
CYR, BAPTISTE       Married 1880       THIBODEAU, EDITH

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