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CYR, BARBE       Married 1834       RICHARD, FRANÇOIS NATHEL
CYR, BASILE       Married 1881       TROTTIER, MARIE
CYR, BEACHER       Married 1942       SLATER, DOROTHY
CYR, BEACHER       Married 1942       THOMPSON, DOROTHY
CYR, BEATRICE       Married 1989       CUNNINGHAM, ALAN
CYR, BEATRICE       Married 1934       DUPLESSIE, ARTHUR
CYR, BEATRICE       Married 1953       GALLANT, ALCIDE
CYR, BEATRICE       Married 1979       HUTCHINGS, ROBERT
CYR, BEATRICE       Married 1979       NADEAU, MARCEL
CYR, BEATRICE       Married 1934       REED, JOHN
CYR, BEATRICE       Married 1948       ROUNDY, JR
CYR, BEATRICE       Married 1934       ROUSSEL, JEAN
CYR, BEATRICE       Married 1898       SWANSON, GEORGE
CYR, BEAU       Married 1992       MARSHALL, STEPHANIE
CYR, BECKY       Married 1980       DUPUIS, VERNON
CYR, BELARI       Married 1893       BOUCHERE, SARAH
CYR, BELARI       Married 1893       WILLETTE, SARAH
CYR, BELONE       Married 1899       FITZGERALD, JANE
CYR, BELONE       Married 1913       MARTIN, EDMEE
CYR, BELONE       Married 1849       THERIAULT, ARTHEMISE
CYR, BELONE       Married 1922       THERIAULT, EUPHEMIE
CYR, BELONI       Married 1863       AYOTTE, VIRGINIE
CYR, BELONI       Married 1927       CARON, LAURA
CYR, BELONI       Married 1892       CYR, LAURA      

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