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CYR, ARMAND       Married 1950       CYR, YVONNE
CYR, ARMAND       Married 1944       DIONNE, SYLVIA
CYR, ARMAND       Married 1924       DUQUETTE, ROSA
CYR, ARMAND       Married 1930       FUCHS, REUBENA
CYR, ARMAND       Married 1930       FUHS, REUBENA
CYR, ARMAND       Married 1946       LAGASSE, GERMAINE
CYR, ARMAND       Married 1931       NADEAU, MARY
CYR, ARMAND       Married 1950       PELLETIER, GERMAINE
CYR, ARMAND       Married 1935       POWERS, EVA
CYR, ARMAND       Married 1804       SAINDON, ELISA
CYR, ARMAND       Married 1935       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYR, ARMANDE       Married 1964       BOWMAN, MERLE
CYR, ARMELINE       Married 1900       VIGNEAU, CYRICE
CYR, ARMELINE       Married 1900       VIGNEAULT, CYRICE
CYR, ARMINE       Married 1866       CHAYER, FELIX
CYR, ARMOND       Married 1937       CHAVIE, LEONA
CYR, ARMOND       Married 1985       UNKNOWN, MARIANNE
CYR, ARMOUND       Married 1941       LYONS, EUNICE
CYR, ARNOLD       Married 1996       GILBERT, DIANNE
CYR, ARNOLD       Married 1929       JOHNSTON, GLADYS
CYR, ARNOLD       Married 1981       PINETTE, CAROL
CYR, ARNOLD       Married 1939       PUSHOR, KATHERINE
CYR, ARNOLD       Married 1986       WOODHEAD, SUSAN
CYR, ARSENE       Married 1921       LAVOIE, MARIE

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