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CYR, ANTOINETTE       Married 1936       MARCURE, HENRY
CYR, ANTOINETTE       Married 1917       PITRE, ARMAND
CYR, ANTOINETTE       Married 1943       SAVOIE, WILFRID
CYR, ANTOINETTE       Married 1908       THIBODEAU, LOUIS
CYR, ANTONIO       Married 1921       CARRIER, LAURIANNA
CYR, ANTONIO       Married 1924       CARRIER, LAURIANNA
CYR, ANTONIO       Married 1918       CARTIER, BERNADETTE
CYR, ANTONIO       Married 1946       SIROIS, BERTHA
CYR, ANTONY       Married 1990       OPENSHAW, TRACEY
CYR, APOLINE       Married 1865       LIZOTTE, √ČLOI
CYR, APOLLINE       Married 1823       AYOTTE, HILARION
CYR, APOLLINE       Married 1865       LIZOTTE, ELOI
CYR, APOLLINE       Married 1866       POITRAS, PIERRE
CYR, APOLLINE       Married 1896       THIBODEAU, CYRILLE
CYR, APPOLINE       Married 1823       AYOTTE, HILARION
CYR, APPOLINE       Married 1853       BOURQUE, HIPPOLYTE
CYR, ARBALD       Married 1909       PELLETIER, MODESTE
CYR, ARBOLD       Married 1901       DAIGLE, MODESTE
CYR, ARIL       Married 1947       CHASE, ELEANOR
CYR, ARLINE       Married 1934       FINDLEN, THOMAS
CYR, ARMAND       Married 1791       BOUDREAU, LOUISE
CYR, ARMAND       Married 1993       BROWN, BECKY
CYR, ARMAND       Married 1940       CHAMPAGNE, LUCILLE
CYR, ARMAND       Married 1938       CYR, MAMIE      

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