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CYR, ANNIE       Married 1903       THIBODEAU, ALBERT
CYR, ANNIE       Married 1892       THIBODEAU, ALFRED
CYR, ANNIE       Married 1892       THIBODEAU, FRED
CYR, ANNIE       Married 1935       VERNOVAI, MICHAEL
CYR, ANNIE       Married 1911       VERROW, MORRIS
CYR, ANNIE       Married 1919       VIOLETTE, CHARLES
CYR, ANNIE       Married 1928       VIOLETTE, LEO
CYR, ANNMARIE       Married 1982       MORIN, JAMES
CYR, ANTHELM       Married 1950       SAWYER, RITA
CYR, ANTHELME       Married 1933       CYR, NELIDA
CYR, ANTHONY       Married 1947       JACKSON, GLORIA
CYR, ANTHONY       Married 1991       LAGASSE, SANDY
CYR, ANTHONY       Married 1994       MURRAY, MARYANNE
CYR, ANTHONY       Married 1947       PARADY, GLORIA
CYR, ANTHONY       Married 1984       ROGERS, SHELLEY
CYR, ANTIONETTE       Married 1948       LIZOTTE, ROGER
CYR, ANTIONETTE       Married 1927       VEILLEUX, HENRY
CYR, ANTOINE       Married 1848       BELANGER, FELICITE
CYR, ANTOINE       Married 1855       CYR, THEOTISTE
CYR, ANTOINE       Married 1855       CYR, TH√ČOTISTE
CYR, ANTOINE       Married 1920       DIONNE, ROSE
CYR, ANTOINE       Married 1932       FORTIN, LYDIA
CYR, ANTOINE       Married 1921       GRAY, MARIE
CYR, ANTOINE       Married 1921       GRAY, MARY

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