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CYR, ANETHIA       Married 1985       BROWN, CHARLES
CYR, ANGELA       Married 1981       CYR, RAYMOND
CYR, ANGELA       Married 1990       CYR, RICHARD
CYR, ANGELA       Married 1938       INKELLE, ANTONIN
CYR, ANGELA       Married 1982       MCARTHUR, GARY
CYR, ANGELA       Married 1831       PARENT, JEAN
CYR, ANGELA       Married 1991       PEDLEY, WILLIAM
CYR, ANGELA       Married 1991       REAL, JEFFREY
CYR, ANGELA       Married 1961       ST, JARRE      
CYR, ANGELA       Married 1995       THOMPSON, FRED
CYR, ANGELE       Married 1870       BARTHE, VITAL
CYR, ANGELE       Married 1854       BELANGER, PIERRE
CYR, ANGELE       Married 1874       CARPENTIER, NAZAIRE
CYR, ANGELE       Married 1795       CORMIER, LOUIS XAVIER
CYR, ANGELE       Married 1869       CYR, BENJAMIN
CYR, ANGELE       Married 1851       CYR, SALOMON
CYR, ANGELE       Married 1861       MORIN, RAPHAEL
CYR, ANGELE       Married 1831       PARENT, JEAN
CYR, ANGELE       Married 1831       PARENT, JEAN MARIE
CYR, ANGELE       Married 1910       THIBODEAU, ONESIME
CYR, ANGELINE       Married 1873       CARON, ARCHILLE
CYR, ANGELINE       Married 1792       DIONNE, LOUIS
CYR, ANGELINE       Married 1941       RAND, WENDELL
CYR, ANGELIQUE       Married 1811       BLAIS, JOSEPH

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