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CYR, ANGELLE       Married 1869       CYR, BENJAMIN
CYR, ANGELO       Married 1939       DIONNE, CARMENE
CYR, ANGÂELIQUE       Married 1796       JANOT, JEAN LOUIS
CYR, ANGÉLIQUE       Married 1828       CORMIER, FRANÇOIS
CYR, ANGÉLIQUE       Married 1887       FOURNIER, THOMAS
CYR, ANGÉLIQUE       Married 1803       MARTIN, SIMON
CYR, ANITA       Married 1937       DAIGLE, EDWIN
CYR, ANITA       Married 1946       GIROUX, ALFRED
CYR, ANITA       Married 1938       KIDNEY, FREDERICK
CYR, ANITA       Married 1934       VIOLETTE, ADRIEN
CYR, ANITA       Married 1941       VIOLETTE, ADRIEN
CYR, ANN       Married 1728       ARSENAULT, JEAN BAPTISTE
CYR, ANN       Married 1982       BAGLEY, MICHAEL
CYR, ANN       Married 1761       CHARPENTIER, GEORGE
CYR, ANN       Married 1977       CYR, JOHN
CYR, ANN       Married 1980       DIONNE, JEROME
CYR, ANN       Married 1948       FREESE, DANA      
CYR, ANN       Married 1743       HEBERT, MAGLOIRE
CYR, ANN       Married 1954       JENKINS, PHILLIP
CYR, ANN       Married 1965       PINKHAM, DANIEL
CYR, ANNA       Married 1913       CORMIER, JOSEPH
CYR, ANNA       Married 1905       COTE, FELIX      
CYR, ANNA       Married 1903       COTE, VICTOIRE

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