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CYR, AMAND       Married 1771       BOUDREAU, LOUISE
CYR, AMAND       Married 1771       BOUDREAUX, LOUISE
CYR, AMAND       Married 1771       BOUDROT, HELOISE
CYR, AMAND       Married 1771       BOUDROT, LOUISE
CYR, AMAND       Married 1870       GOGUEN, MARGUERITE
CYR, AMAND       Married 1966       LALIBERTE, RACHEL
CYR, AMAND       Married 1880       RICHARD, NATHALIE
CYR, AMAND       Married 1804       SAINTON, HELOISE
CYR, AMAND       Married 1771       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYR, AMANDA       Married 1932       ALBERT, ALCIDE
CYR, AMANDA       Married 1917       GREGOIRE, MICHEL
CYR, AMANDA       Married 1943       HEBERT, ALFRED
CYR, AMANDA       Married 1921       NADEAU, JOSEPH
CYR, AMANDA       Married 1911       PELLETIER, FREDERIC
CYR, AMANDA       Married 1926       SIROIS, LEONARD
CYR, AMBER       Married 1991       BACHELDER, WALTER
CYR, AMBER       Married 2000       WELSH, RYAN      
CYR, AMEDE       Married 1920       LETENDRE, LAURA
CYR, AMEDE       Married 1923       NEAULT, ODILA
CYR, AMELIA       Married 1938       GOODRICH, SIDNEY
CYR, AMILBE       Married 1869       CYR, EDWARD
CYR, AMOS       Married 1921       BRASSAU, AMELIA
CYR, AMOS       Married 1919       LABARGE, ORELIA
CYR, AMY       Married 1910       MCCARTHY, WILLIAM

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