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CYR, ALMA ALINE       Married 1925       PETITGREW, RODRIGUE
CYR, ALMIDA       Married 1919       AKERLEY, LEONARD
CYR, ALMIDA       Married 1919       AKERLY, LEONARD
CYR, ALMIDA       Married 1919       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
CYR, ALMIRA       Married 1853       CHOINIERE, AUGUSTIN
CYR, ALPHE       Married 1931       CORMIER, BEATRICE
CYR, ALPHE       Married 1921       GENDREAU, EMMA
CYR, ALPHE       Married 1931       TOLANDE, MARTHA
CYR, ALPHEE       Married 1929       EDMOND, ALICE
CYR, ALPHEE       Married 1929       EMOND, ALICE
CYR, ALPHENA       Married 1944       DUBAY, JOEL
CYR, ALPHENA       Married 1949       GRAVES, JOHN
CYR, ALPHENA       Married 1965       LACHANCE, GUY
CYR, ALPHIE       Married 1979       FLOWERS, PAMELA
CYR, ALPHIE       Married 1953       GAGNON, CLOTYS
CYR, ALPHIE       Married 1921       GENDREAU, EMMA
CYR, ALPHIE       Married 1953       LEVASSEUR, CLOTYS
CYR, ALPHIE       Married 1959       LEVESQUE, OLIVE
CYR, ALPHIE       Married 1941       VIOLETTE, VIVIANNE
CYR, ALPHONSE       Married 1931       AUBE, MARGUERITE
CYR, ALPHONSE       Married 1948       BARKER, THELMA
CYR, ALPHONSE       Married 1931       BOUCHARD, GERTRUDE
CYR, ALPHONSE       Married 1924       CYR, HELENE

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