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CYR, ADOLPHE       Married 1907       MICHAUD, MARIE
CYR, ADOLPHE       Married 1907       MICHAUD, MAUDE
CYR, ADOLPHE       Married 1984       MORAN, JANA
CYR, ADOLPHE       Married 1909       MORIN, MARIE
CYR, ADOLPHE       Married 1910       PLOURDE, ESABELLE
CYR, ADOLPHE       Married 1910       PLOURDE, ISABELLE
CYR, ADOLPHE       Married 1900       THERIAULT, EUPHEMIE
CYR, ADONIAS       Married 1949       VIGNEAULT, MARIE
CYR, ADRIAN       Married 1979       EDICK, DOROTHY
CYR, ADRIAN       Married 1949       FIELD, MYRA
CYR, ADRIEN       Married 1942       BROWN, EILEEN
CYR, ADRIEN       Married 1946       CYR, RINA      
CYR, ADRIEN       Married 1942       DECHAINE, FLORENCE
CYR, ADRIEN       Married 1947       DUFOUR, CLAUDIA
CYR, ADRIEN       Married 1942       JACQUES, JULIENNE
CYR, ADRIEN       Married 1954       LABBE, CLAUDETTE
CYR, ADRIEN       Married 1946       LEVASSEUR, AURORE
CYR, ADRIEN       Married 1930       MARTIN, CARMEN
CYR, ADRIEN       Married 1944       RAYMOND, MARIE
CYR, ADRIEN       Married 1941       SIROIS, YVETTE
CYR, ADRIEN       Married 1994       SOKOLIS, ALAINA
CYR, ADRIENNE       Married 1962       ASHBURGH, WILLIAM
CYR, ADRIENNE       Married 1943       DESCHAMPS, ALFONDA
CYR, ADRIENNE       Married 1924       DESJARDINS, LOUIS

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