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CYR, ADELE       Married 1863       JOLY, JOSEPH
CYR, ADELE       Married 1842       ROSS, JEAN      
CYR, ADELE       Married 1902       ROSSIGNOL, DENIS
CYR, ADELE       Married 1909       ROY, JEAN      
CYR, ADELE       Married 1909       ROY, JOHNNY      
CYR, ADELE       Married 1885       VENANT ETHIER, AUGUST
CYR, ADELINA       Married 1906       FRECHETTE, WILFRID
CYR, ADELINA       Married 1895       MADORE, LEVITE
CYR, ADELINA       Married 1913       MONQEAU, DAVID
CYR, ADELINE       Married 1854       BESSET, UNKNOWN
CYR, ADELINE       Married 1851       GELINEAU, JEAN
CYR, ADELINE       Married 1913       HEBERT, LEIC
CYR, ADELINE       Married 1932       LEVESQUE, ONEIL
CYR, ADELOR       Married 1901       PATNO PATINO, FLORA
CYR, ADELPHINE       Married 1902       CHARETTE, MAGLOIRE
CYR, ADELTA       Married 1912       GAUDET, AZADE
CYR, ADENILLE       Married 1850       CHARTIER, JEAN
CYR, ADHEMAR       Married 1940       ROY, DESNEIGES
CYR, ADLELE       Married 1863       DUBOIS, BARTHELEMY
CYR, ADOLPHE       Married 1874       BEAULIEU, SOPHIE
CYR, ADOLPHE       Married 1908       CHASSE, EVELINE
CYR, ADOLPHE       Married 1908       CHASSE, MARIE
CYR, ADOLPHE       Married 1899       CYR, MARGUERITE
CYR, ADOLPHE       Married 1908       MARQUIS, GERTRUDE

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