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CYR, ABEL       Married 1937       FOURNIER, NELIDA
CYR, ABEL       Married 1937       FOURNIER, NÉLIDA
CYR, ABEL       Married 1893       NADEAU, ELIZABETH
CYR, ABEL       Married 1909       OUELLETTE, ANNA
CYR, ABEL       Married 1909       OUELLETTE, ANNA MARIE
CYR, ABEL       Married 1913       PICARD, VITAL
CYR, ABEL       Married 1926       THERIAULT, ALMA
CYR, ABEL       Married 1934       THIBODEAU, GERTRUDE
CYR, ABRAHAM       Married 1874       CHAPADOS, CECILE
CYR, ABRAHAM       Married 1860       JACQUES, MARIE
CYR, ADA       Married 1927       RANDLETT, LINWOOD
CYR, ADA       Married 1936       SMART, GILBERT
CYR, ADDIE       Married 1903       GARDNER, EDWARD
CYR, ADELAIDE       Married 1817       CORMIER, JOSEPH
CYR, ADELAIDE       Married 1843       DESY, HUBERT
CYR, ADELAIDE       Married 1843       DISY, HUBERT
CYR, ADELAIDE       Married 1838       NICOLAS, CHARLES
CYR, ADELAINE       Married 1854       LONGUEPEE, JOSEPH
CYR, ADELAINE       Married 1854       LONGUÉPÉE, JOSEPH
CYR, ADELARD       Married 1905       MICHAUD, MARIE
CYR, ADELARD       Married 1918       REMILLARD, ELIA
CYR, ADELARD       Married 1928       ROY, ROSE
CYR, ADELE       Married 1857       GUERIN, OCTAVE

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