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CYFERS, MEREDITH       Married 1893       ROSS, ELLA
CYFERS, MEREDITH       Married 1893       ROSS, ELLEN
CYFERS, NETTIE       Married 1924       QUEEN, PERRY
CYFERS, SANDRA       Married 1997       KIRK, BRANDON
CYFERT, ANDREW       Married 1883       STIVISON, EMMA
CYFERT, LAURENCE       Married 1715       MARY, MARGARET
CYFERT, MARGARET       Married 1739       STOUT, PETER
CYFERT, MARGARET       Married 1768       STOUT, PETER
CYFERT, NATHAN       Married 1860       DUNAWAY, MARY
CYFFIN, MADOG       Married 1302       FOEL, TANGWYSTL
CYFK, CYNTHIA       Married 1975       CYFK, GARY
CYFK, GARY       Married 1975       CYFK, CYNTHIA
CYFKA, SARAH       Married 1999       BROOM, LYMAN
CYFNERTH, HEILIN       Married 1179       CYFNERTH, HEILIN
CYFORD, DAISY       Married 1896       RUSSELL, MATT
CYFORD, JAMES       Married 1874       ROCKWELL, MARGARET
CYFORD, ORA       Married 1918       CRAIG, WILLIAM
CYFORD, ORA       Married 1895       SNEAD, JOSEPH
CYFREWAST, SYBIL       Married 1475       BERKELEY, THOMAS
CYFREWAST, SYBIL       Married 1489       DANVERS, THOMAS
CYFREWAST, SYBIL       Married 1445       LAKEN, WILLIAM
CYFREWAST, SYBIL       Married 1430       REKES, THOMAS
CYFREWAST, SYBIL       Married 1441       THORLEY, JOHN

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