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CYPHERT, MARY       Married 1776       GRETT, JOHN
CYPHERT, MARY       Married 1776       GRETT CRATE, JOHN
CYPHERT, MARY       Married 1866       HENRY, JOHN
CYPHERT, MARY       Married 1913       MARRON, HUGH
CYPHERT, MARY       Married 1869       MONTGOMERY, JOSEPH
CYPHERT, MARY       Married 1865       REINSEL, GEORGE
CYPHERT, MARY       Married 1893       SNYDER, WARREN
CYPHERT, MATTHEW       Married 1996       MCCABE, KELLY
CYPHERT, MAURICE       Married 1933       AIKENS, MARTHA
CYPHERT, MICHEAL       Married 1970       REBECCA, UNKNOWN
CYPHERT, MILTON       Married 1927       THORN, BERTHA
CYPHERT, MILTON       Married 1913       WILSON, MARY
CYPHERT, MILTON       Married 1925       WILSON, MARY
CYPHERT, NANCY       Married 1817       ALISON, ALEXANDER
CYPHERT, PAUL       Married 1937       BUCKLEW, MILDRED
CYPHERT, PAUL       Married 1945       KAHLER, MARIE
CYPHERT, PETER       Married 1881       BRIDGE, CATHERINE
CYPHERT, PHILIP       Married 1910       REINSEL, CLARA
CYPHERT, PHILIP       Married 1929       REINSEL, CLARA
CYPHERT, PHILLIP       Married 1784       GRETE, MARY
CYPHERT, PHILLIP       Married 1784       GRETT, MARIA
CYPHERT, PHILOMINA       Married 1911       KAPPER, JOHN
CYPHERT, RALPH       Married 1920       NAIL, BESSANNA
CYPHERT, REBECCA       Married 1939       FOEMAN, ORRIN

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