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CYPHERT, LEVI       Married 1939       SHEPHERD, WINONA
CYPHERT, LEWIS       Married 1873       HORTON, ORCELLA
CYPHERT, LOIS       Married 1940       CURLL, VANLIER
CYPHERT, LOUIS       Married 1927       COULTER, ELLEN
CYPHERT, LOUIS       Married 1927       COULTER, NELLIE
CYPHERT, LOUIS       Married 1873       MILLER, HARRIET
CYPHERT, LYDIA       Married 1897       CRATE, CHARLES
CYPHERT, MAMIE       Married 1912       MILLER, DONNELL
CYPHERT, MARGARET       Married 1863       AARON, FRANCIS
CYPHERT, MARGARET       Married 1929       BADGER, JOSEPH
CYPHERT, MARGARET       Married 1858       NEWHOUSE, JACOB
CYPHERT, MARGARITE       Married 1934       REAVILLE, JOHN
CYPHERT, MARIA       Married 1906       SLIKE, FRANCIS
CYPHERT, MARION       Married 1941       YOUNG, CHARLOTTE
CYPHERT, MARJORY       Married 1951       BLYTH, JOHN
CYPHERT, MARTHA       Married 1860       BEER, SOLOMON
CYPHERT, MARTHA       Married 1861       BEER, SOLOMON
CYPHERT, MARY       Married 1818       AARON, DANIEL
CYPHERT, MARY       Married 1912       AARON, H
CYPHERT, MARY       Married 1898       BRINKLEY, CONRAD
CYPHERT, MARY       Married 1950       BUCKLEW, ROY
CYPHERT, MARY       Married 1887       FENSTERMAKER, JOHN
CYPHERT, MARY       Married 1889       FENSTERMAKER, JOHN

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